First Project of GSchool :: Event Reporter :: A Retrospective

It seems odd to quantify this as a retrospective when I am not, actually technically done with the project.  

  • So here was the assignment:
  • And here was my initial attempt: 
  • And here was the complete restart:

To summarize - this was the first project that we were asked to take on without specific direction - ie a tutorial to follow along with. We were given direction by way of being told what the app should do but not how  it should do it. We were also given a list of test contents that should pass.

I'm still very much struggling with working with other people, so my initial approach was just to put my head down and barrel through on my own. While we were assigned partners to work with, we were expected to write our own projects and turn them in separately. When I say struggling to work with other people, I should clarify that this is not because I think I'm smarter or that much dumber than anyone else in the class, or that anyone in the class is less that totally onboard to work together... I just have an incredibly difficult time expressing myself when co-working... Also, I'm shy. 

So my first step in trying to understand the assignment was to write out dummy tests in order to figure out what was being asked and get a 'whole picture'. 

This helped me get a 'big picture' - but I never used the tests. 

I then just started barreling. 

Things I Learned

Watch your classmate's tutorial videos:

Test. - I tried to use Minitest... failed after the third test on my first attempt, got a little further on the second. I tested with puts statements and working through the assignment... but there was no safeguard and I had to store everything in my head. I'm still having trouble pushing the application to 'production' because I can't manually test very quickly while I'm connecting all the commands. 

'puts' at the end of a method returns nil. Useful for guess, run program and then check. Exceptionally not useful for trying to pass tests

Things I Didn't Learn(but want to learn)

I got closer, but I still can't test very well. I got stuck on the tests not reading the csv file. It killed my testing. 

I still don't understand how to split my mega application into separate files. It is a mysterious mystery.

How to pair program.  

In Conclusion

It was fine for the first project, cause I was on a 'forest is on fire' style of learning whatever I could access... but next time I need to focus less on 'getting shit done' and more on taking the time to test, work with others and be okay with the application not being complete. 

The application isn't complete anyway.  

That said, I had a hell of a time and can't wait to clean up ol' Event Reporter Redux