Massaging My Schema (and other words that sound medical)

So before I came to Gschool

I was cutting my teeth on creating an application that would generate paleo-friendly meals for me. But I had an ulterior motivation, which is what (instead of grit) kept pushing me forward through the hard bits: I cannot feed myself. Grocery shopping involves planning and spending money... two things that I only ever do manically.

I need this application for my very survival. 

As it turns out though, making an application is real hard. I did get it to function - but not WELL ENOUGH.

See it here: 

The biggest problem is figuring out how to correctly structure the database.

This is not something I even understood to be a possible issue until I accidentally deleted all of the recipes that I had inputted after about a month in.

While I can continue to make it more user friendly, and pretty, and more RESTFUL or whatever that means --- I can't really use the app until the schema is at least the skeleton of what I want it to be.

RIght now, for example, I need a horse skeleton of an app. And what I have is a drawing of a horse skeleton hastily taped to a cardboard box. 

Today in class my partner and I had a problem in a tutorial that I really suspected was an error outside of our control, maybe based in the gem we were working with.

I was wrong. But that's not the point.

The point is that I had to break out of my 'school' mindset that defines 'cheating'. After we had worked on the problem for a half hour, it finally occurred to me to look up what other people had done with the tutorial on github.  

We found quite a few other examples, some from our classmates.. and while it actually took yet another student to look over things with us to solve the error -- looking up the code was able confirm that we were on the right path and also afforded us the opportunity to see different ways to solve the problem. 

We got some smart mother f'rs in our class. 

So on the walk home I decided that I have spent enough hours on my own laboring over the food matrix schema -

It was time to search GitHub for similar apps and browse their schemas

So the journey towards rails and away from pawing at my neighbors windows when they cook dinner is back on track! 


Yes fellow coffee shop patrons, admire my brilliant schema....

Yes fellow coffee shop patrons, admire my brilliant schema....