Personal Retrospective :: Rails and Project Management


For this project, groups are taking a more serious approach to project management. How does that work with your style? Does it make you feel more organized or like you're wasting a lot of time?

Coming from a project management (construction) background, having a stronger emphasis on Project Management is a major positive for me. I feel WAY more comfortable with clear objectives.

What's been hard, interesting, or surprising about building upon someone else's code base?

One of the most difficult things about working with someone else's code was making major changes and not knowing if there was adequate test coverage. It's also difficult to take over code that doesn't use fixtures or Factory Girl, because in the process of making changes, it's been difficult to hunt down every test that needs to be changed. 

We are working on setting up Factory Girl and converting testing over to rspec.

With the class just past the halfway mark, how do you feel about your progress? Do you feel like your momentum is building or waning?

Still building!

What did you think about the Young Entrepreneurs project we kicked off yesterday?

I enjoyed meeting our young entrepreneur 'client'. One of my biggest concerns is that these little guys are way too young to meet the internet. The internet is scary.