Minitest :: How. What? Who. How?

I am Sadly. Pathetically. Sort of. Testing. 

Right now I'm using Minitest to test my ruby projects. I'm really getting bogged down in not knowing the assertion commands. So I can test if things are equal. And that's about it.

My solution is to try and create a decent flashcard set

Here are the flashcards

I pulled a lot of the examples from Matt Sears Blog and of course, the documentation.

I am also trying to 'TDD' a silly game for ex45 of Learning Ruby the Hard Way

Here is a link to the github repository as I work

Unfortunately, I've made two major errors so far

1. I started pushing to the master branch instead of breaking off into work branches. Currently my little project doesn't work. 

2. I didn't do enough research on how to test puts statements - so making my game functional makes all the tests fail


So next steps? 

  1. I'm going to read over the examples in the Matt Sears blog again and try to understand exactly what he's testing.
  2. Read over the documentation and compare it to what I have in the flashcards to make sure I'm understanding things correctly.
  3. Go back to my little project and attempt to get all broken tests working.



  1. I'm mainly concerned that minitest won't be a tool that I use very often after this. I should probably read more tutorials and screen casts to get a better idea of its ultimate use, and if I should switch focusing on RSPEC instead.